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Written by Lee Schneider, founder of DocuCinema.

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is volume one, number one, paragraph one, sentence two, so you might discover right away that I am writing with assurance or wandering in the wilderness with only a metaphorical flashlight to show the way. Both scenarios are true. That’s the reason I’ve decided to write this. Right now, we’re at a crossroads where the usual definitions melt away. It’s an intersection of science and spirit. There are some curious discussions happening out there. So each week, on Thursday, I’ll offer you 500 words about the questions people are asking.

Can you really think your way into better health? Are there any limits to human consciousness? Does the laying on of hands heal people? Will time ever go in reverse? What is the deep power of chance events? If you do enough yoga, do you go insane? (Probably.) My friends from New York will read this as proof that after twenty years Out West I’ve finally gotten Out There. My Los Angeles friends might wonder why I am holding back. I admit that it’s hard to exactly locate Around the Bend on your GPS, but I see this blog, and my role, as observing and facilitating the connection between two worlds. Can a language be forged that works for both the science talkers and the spirit seekers, without diluting the intent of either?

I’m amazed at the number of organizations springing up to study the connections across the divide. Just a few: The Center for Spirituality and Healing, The Rubin Museum of Art, Bravewell Collective, John Templeton Foundation, Life Science Foundation, Center for Mindfulness, Society for Science and Religion, Columbia University Center for the Study of Science and Religion, the Zygon Center, Adrian Wyard and the Counterbalance Foundation, Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, the Mind & Life Institute, and the Institute for Noetic Sciences. Researchers and scientists like E.O. Wilson, Bruce Lipton, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Ernest Rossi are stretching the boundaries of how we perceive science and spirit, mind and consciousness. Louise Hay and Dr. Mona Lisa make us wonder how we can direct our own wellness by our intention. Two conferences are coming up, one in Washington, DC, the other in Minnesota, to talk about complementary and integrative medicine. That’s a kind of healing practice that can blend East and West and makes mindbody one word. It’s pretty busy out there in the crossroads.

From time to time as a filmmaker and media guy I have the pleasure of meeting science-spirit leaders and I’ll write about those encounters here. I’ll keep you updated on our DocuCinema projects that go to this territory. I promise to veer terribly off course sometimes to rant about Youtube and also India, explain why I’ll never be on Facebook, write about what scares me, reveal who my heroes might be, throw in a movie review and some foodie talk, show why marriage can increase your Google ranking, why there are too many Lee Schneiders already and why videos of cats riding motorcycles are always good.

That’s about 500 words right there. If you’d like to add some, post a comment! Stay curious and see you next Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Begin

  1. Jeff Schneider says:

    Nice. Entertaining. I subscribe to the belief that you’re finally ‘out there’. 🙂
    I do believe, actually, that your mental state has a lot to do with healing when sick. People with a will to live do much better than those who don’t.
    I can’t, however, see why cats riding motorcycles would always be a good thing.

  2. John Larson says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Center for Mindfulness. I had the opportunity to spend two days there with Jon Kabat-Zinn. He was working with patients suffering from chronic pain, and having great success relieving their symptoms with meditation and yoga.

  3. Sophie says:

    I really admire your guts in just going for it with this. I also like your refreshing take on this subject while keeping yourself open to going on tangents about anything and everything. I look forward to learning why marriage can increase your google rank and why you won’t be on Facebook. I too have adamantly avoided it… though may succumb for supposed business advantages someday.

  4. Anita First says:

    I like your writing style, Lee.. it is fresh and fun and very down to earth. I am looking forward to hearing about the latest discoveries and to reading about what gets you ranting (and raving)… welcome to the Light world…glad you have decided to join us.

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