Crowdfunding Quickstart

Looking for a quick start to crowdfunding? A new series of educational videos can help you launch a successful campaign. Millions are being raised with crowdfunding. Now it’s your turn.


Digital Fundraising School

I’m thrilled to announce the start of Digital Fundraising School.  The first session is FREE

  • learn more about how crowdfunding can change your life
  • launch your product prototype fully funded
  • raise the money you need to put your film into production
  • create your album or music tracks
  • advance a social cause or charity with crowdfunding

Receive a free class taught by an expert with a proven track record in media, branding, and crowdfunding.  If you’ve never considered crowdfunding, now is the time to learn more. If you have a crowdfunding campaign you’d like to launch, Digital Fundraising School will help you do it. Sign up for the first session.  It’s free.

Sign Up For Digital Fundraising School

Digital Fundraising School will be in session in September. The first, free 60-minute session will be taught by Lee Schneider, creative director of Red Cup Agency and founder of DocuCinema, and will include special guests who well tell the stories and secrets of their crowdfunding successes.